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Welcome to the Honourable Albatross Golf Club. We are the Official Worldwide Registry for albatrosses scored during tournament and casual play.  Here you will find the names of men and women, professionals and amateurs who have scored at least one albatross and a small group who have scored more than one.


This Club registers three under par scores, albatrosses, for all countries and golfing organizations outside the United States of America. The Double Eagle Club,, registers all three under par scores, double eagles, scored in the United States.


If you have scored and registered an albatross with the HAGC and would like to be considered for membership in the Club please click on “Membership Application” and follow the instructions.


What started out as a hobby, grew into a passion, and became the Honourable Albatross Golf Club.


Remember, this Club is about the great game of golf and more importantly the achievement of excellence.

Mission Statement

About Us

Mission Statement


Established on September 15, 1870, the Honourable Albatross Golf Club is the official custodial body dedicated to identification, registration, and preservation of albatrosses scored throughout the world. 


Our mission is to document and archive albatrosses scored; and to distinguish those who have achieved this rare and extraordinary accomplishment. 


The Honourable Albatross Golf Club is devoted to preserving the history of each albatross scored, whether during tournament or casual play, by professional and amateur golfers alike; and recording the significance of the achievement as a historical record.  There are no registration fees or dues.

Our Story

Continuous adjustments and corrections… much like a round of golf.

The Honourable Albatross Golf Club is inseparably connected to The Double Eagle Club.

You may read the history of The Double Eagle Club here:

My journey began in 1993 upon learning of the possibility of a three under par score, scored on one hole; my research quickly took me to Gene Sarazen’s double eagle at Augusta National Golf Club and the 1935 Masters. 

The Double Eagle Club was founded on March 1, 1997, with 57 members and Gene Sarazen serving as the first Club President. The motto of the Club is “Excellence Achieved”.

As my research continued I became aware of another three under par scored, on one hole, which occurred 65 years earlier than Mr. Sarazen’s.


It took place on September 15, 1870, during the 11th Annual Open Championship being contested at the Prestwick Golf Club in Prestwick, Scotland.


On that day the first hole was rated as par 6 playing 578 yards. With his third stroke, from the fairway, Young Tom Morris holed out for the first recorded three under par score in history.

Adjustments and corrections continued. This information caused the formation of the Honourable Albatross Golf Club. The Club’s website launched on March 14, 2022. 

This event, at the Open in 1870, established the spirit of the Honourable Albatross Golf Club with Thomas Morris, Jun., as the Clubs Honoured Gentleman.


Its Club motto is “Excellence Always”.

As of June 7, 2022, the combined records of both golf Clubs have archived 3011 golfers who have scored a three under par, on one hole, for an albatross or a double eagle.


Our Story
Mike in library mustashe and nose fix.jpg

Chairman of the Club


Michael Christensen


In 1984 Michael Christensen began tracking three under par scores, on a single hole, as a hobby.

Over the next decade his hobby grew into a passion for golf history and he became a golf historian for double eagles scored by professional golfers on the PGA Tour.

On March 1, 1997 he organized and formed The Double Eagle Club with 57 members and Gene Sarazen serving as the first Club President.

Eventually his research began to include other Tours and amateur golfers as information was forthcoming.  The original registration site was launched in 2009.
It registered golfers from every country in the world. It was known as the “Worldwide Registry” for three under par scores on a single hole.

The Double Eagle Club:

He learned of the term “albatross” which noted a three under par score on one hole that was used primarily by golfers on international Tours and countries outside the United States. At that time he set a new goal: organize and form a Club that would acknowledge golfers worldwide, (excluding the United States), who scored an albatross.

On March 14, 2022, the Honourable Albatross Golf Club’s website for golfers, outside the United States, to register their albatross went live.

Honourable Aalbatross Golf Club: 

Today there are two separate and equal golfing organizations that offer a place for golfers to register their rare three under par scores.

The Honourable Albatross Golf Club, for golfers of the world, and The Double Eagle Club for golfers in the United States.

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