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Personalized Certificate

Personalized Certificate

SKU: 364215376135191

Membership certificate


    Certificate                                                                                  $25.00 USD


    Register your Albatross and pay the $25 USD Charter Membership Fee here and receive –


    • Your Official Member Certificate with your name and statistics printed on it just as Thomas Morris's name and statisitics are printed on his Club Member Certificate.
    • Your Official HAGC Member Serialized Certificate printed on 65 lb. Ivory Parchment paper presented in a black, gold trimmed, certificate folder.
    • Your serialized certificate number is also your HAGC Member Number. With your Official HAGC Member Number you are authorized to order all Official HAGC products and items with the notation of "HAGC Member" on them.
    • You will be receiving the Official HAGC Newsletter, "Staying Tuned!", via your e-mail.
    • You will be receiving all HAGC announcements for upcoming Club events for the HAGC Members and Friends of the Club via your e-mail.

    If you pay for a certificate without registering an Albatross, the transaction will be cancelled.

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